Medical Weight Loss

Most of us are aware that almost half of people in the United States are considered overweight. We also know that extra weight leads to diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart disease and many other (preventable) health issues.

Weight loss is easier said than done for many of us… it requires both education and dedication… but can be made a lot easier with some treatment and advice from a professional. There is a lot of corporate disinformation meant to confuse our eating decisions that needs there demystifying. Most people don’t really understand food groups well, which in the end is more important than portion control! And most people could benefit from some very specific recommendations for exercise, especially as it relates to the physical challenges that many patients may contend with and the modifications needed… Dr. McGinty is very comfortable with all of this kind of teaching.

There is a significant portion of the overweight population that suffers from an “emotional” or compulsive eating disorder, which means that they are not in control of what or how much they are eating. Sometimes patients are really unaware this is a problem. A lot of binge eating occurs at night when there is trouble sleeping. Addiction to sugar (juice, fruits, sweets) can also be a significant challenge.

Dr. Mcginty is quite experienced with attention to this syndrome and has numerous tools for improvement, up to and including recommendation for gastric sleeve/bariatric surgery programs or medication for mood disorders not really well controlled by other conservative or holistic treatments..

At McGinty Integrative Medical Center we offer a detailed nutritional assessment, expert exercise counseling, and any needed medical and/or mental health intervention or specialist to help you reach your fitness goals. Our practical and positive approach can enhance your life, and we can help provide the structure needed to support you on your journey to a healthy weight!

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