Primary Care

Primary Care involves maintaining the health of patients with sometimes multiple chronic diseases. Dr. McGinty provides expert management of long term conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and pain syndromes. By coordinating the use of diet/supplements, medication, exercise and appropriate specialist care, the consequences of such long term illnesses can be minimized. Please bring any information with you that you think will help the doctor understand your current ongoing problems, such as medicines or notes from other healthcare providers.

Diagnosis of new problems is also at the core of Primary Care. If you sense a disturbance in your optimal health then come and be heard fully, and we will get to the heart of the matter.

As a primary care practice, we also try to accommodate urgent problems of a non-serious nature here in the office. When you call for an urgent appointment request, please let us know you have an urgent problem that needs an expedited appointment time, and give the details of your problem so we can best advise you.

If you have a medical emergency, do not call the office. Call 911 immediately and follow the operators instructions for emergency care.

NOTICE: The office will be closed on 7/31/23 for administrative purposes. The office will re-open on Tuesday 8/1/23.Contact us.