“I am honored to be a patient of Dr. McGinty’s. He takes the time to have thorough appointments and makes sure you have a plan before you leave. He sees the body as a “big picture”. As someone with a chronic illness, I would sacrifice timeliness for good care every time because unproductive appointments just mean you need to come back some other time, which is far more disruptive to my very busy schedule than being late. I’m glad Dr. McGinty treats his patients with humanity and respect so I leave feeling better than I came in. If he’s late because he’s giving another patient that same respect and care, it’s worth it to me.”
~Althea A.

“…old school with a new school philosophy.”
~Gabriel E.

“Dr. McGinty has an outstanding bedside manner and spends plenty of time with patients. His advice for minor medical issues over the years has been very good, especially since he knows his patients well and can keep track of their issues. Perhaps as a result of word of mouth, his waiting room is sometimes full and there can be a wait to see him. This is true of most doctors though. Overall, a great doctor providing personalized care.”

Dr. McGinty is available via telehealth for CURRENT PATIENTS only. Schedule online.